5 Reasons to Love the Ford Fusion

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Last week, we had the privilege of reviewing the Ford Fusion for about 6 days. It came at the perfect time since we were planning a trip to Baton Rouge to visit my brother and attend the Texas A&M and LSU football game! Fortunately, only 4 of our 7 family members made the trip to Lousiana, and the Ford Fusion was the perfect fit for us!

I wanted to share some of our favorite things about the vehicle with you!

ford fusion

1. Gas Mileage

Right away, we noticed how great the gas mileage was and how little it cost to fill up the tank. With 37 mpg on the highway, we made great time getting to Louisiana and filled up the tank for a little under $40. That’s a WIN!

2. Space and Comfort

The first leg of our trek was to drop off our youngest with my parents. We knew we had the fit 3 car seat in the backseat in order to do so and I was nervous about how they would fit. I feel like getting three car seats in any sedan is quite the accomplishment and the Ford Fusion passed that test with flying colors. 

ford fusion

Once we started on the biggest leg of our trek across the state line, it was clear how comfortable the back seat was. 

ford fusion

In addition to our comfort inside the car, I was amazed at how well our belongings fit in the car. Even with only four of us going, we still feel like we have to pack the house when our kids are involved in our travel adventures. Surprisingly, we had plenty of room in the trunk, with extra space, as well!

ford fusion

3. Safety

For a lot of our trip, we had to worry about the weather. With a freezing temperatures and lots of rain, we were concerned.

The travel link in the dash of the Ford Fusion included a radar we kept on the screen, almost constantly. It was great knowing where we would be entering the rain and where we would be getting out of it. 

ford fusion

Not only were we able to know where the rain was, but we were pleasantly surprised at how effective the windshield wipers were through it all. It may seem silly to think about effective windshield wipers, but when you’re traveling in somewhat unfamiliar territory with rain beating on the windshield, visibility is key and these wipers definitely did the job!

4. Beauty and Handling

After driving the Ford Fusion, my husband’s first comment was that he couldn’t believe how much it resembled a vehicle of a MUCH higher price tag. “It’s a sharp looking car, inside and out” he said, and he was right!

ford fusion

We both loved the way the Ford Fusion handled on the highway, as well as in the city.  The tires really gripped the road and sharp turns were no problem!

5. Technology

My husband and I are both attached to our phones and it was nice to have USB ports for both of our phones. No need to worry about sharing the USB port since two were included in the console of the Ford Fusion. 

The blue tooth option was great while driving. Taking necessary calls without having to touch our phone was great, but my favorite was having my incoming text messages read to me throughout the car. If nothing else, it gave us a good laugh, but also kept us feeling safe knowing our actual phone was never a distraction.

ford fusion

Our time with the Ford Fusion was so great! It was nice to take a break from our truck and SUV to remember what it was like in a new car. The Ford Fusion is definitely a great family vehicle or perfect for one person! We loved so many things about this vehicle and this guy’s face says exactly how we all felt about having to give the car back.

ford fusion

What’s one thing that’s most important to you in your car?Visit Jamie Roubinek’s profile on Pinterest.

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  1. I love that you could listen to your text messages! I can press a button in my car and get incoming calls but not this…what an awesome feature!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Gifts Any Photographer Will Love

  2. Too cool, all these fun gadgets in new cars make me want to trade in my paid off SUV for a fancy new car!
    Mariah Leeson (@Giggles_Galore)´s last blog post ..Magic Cookie Bars

  3. Thank you for such great info. We are looking at cars and this is one of them.
    Kelly Hutchinson´s last blog post ..Best Buy Is One Of The Best Holiday Shopping Destinations #bbyHoliday13

  4. Awesome, looks like a great car. We are in the market and have been looking into different Ford vehicles.
    Melissa´s last blog post ..Holiday Gift Guide- Duck Dynasty

  5. This car looks awesome! I will be sure to check out this car!

  6. Staci
    Twitter: 7onashoestring

    Safety. I do believe it is always my top concern. I have a lot of precious cargo to tote around with me… just like you. ;) Ca’t wait to drive this car myself next week! #FordTX
    Staci´s last blog post ..Peppermint Crunch Bark and 60 More Peppermint Recipes

  7. Love all the technology available in cars now! Looks like yall had fun!

  8. Keeping everyone as safe as possible is my biggest concern. Looks like your boys were able to get comfy in the back seat for the trip.
    LauraOinAK´s last blog post ..Zact Mobile for Worry Free Cell Phone Usage by Your Teens #MC

  9. OOOHHH, I’m LOVING that car!
    Brittany Estes´s last blog post ..Extra Gum Topiary Tree #giveextragum

  10. I would love to have a car with better gas mileage. We have two SUVs that both guzzle fuel like crazy. I’m blown away that you were able to get 3 car seats in the back of a sedan.
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  11. Carrie
    Twitter: carrieelleblog

    That IS some good gas mileage! I miss that.

    Also, what a nice looking car – looks like you guys enjoyed it!
    Carrie´s last blog post ..12 Days of Christmas Printables! Day 5: Free Printable Gift Tags

  12. I was gonna ask you how it compares to the “other higher-priced brand” that we both tested before, until I read that part in your post. I wish I could try this out too. It looks like a winner! And that mileage. Wow!
    Cris @ My Fashion Juice´s last blog post ..Fancy a Sweater

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