Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

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This past week, I took the kids to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History after I had heard all of the great things from a post at Dallas Moms Blog.  I had no idea what to expect, but I really enjoyed what I saw on their blog and I had been to the Dallas Museum of Science and History.  I knew it would be fun for us and I was hoping it would be something new for the big kids.  I scored in both departments. :)  The kids and I all had a great time and it was definitely something none of us had experienced.

Langston was able to enjoy something from every area, even though he’s only two.  The big kids learned a lot of new things and loved getting to play in all of the different areas.

We started out in the children’s section and even though we got there around Langston’s usual nap time, he was quite the trooper.

Riverson stayed in his carrier in the stroller most of the time, but he did enjoy the baby water table a little bit.  He slept on the way there, so he was still pretty tired by the time he got into the baby chair.

I think Langston’s favorite activities were everything involving water.  I could hardly tear him away from these water tables.

For some reason, I can’t get all of the pictures off of my camera card, but the kids all had a great time learning about dinosaur bones, paper and wind, natural gases, electricity, aviation, life on a ranch, and even marine animals.

Langston enjoyed this area with the building blocks.  Unfortunately, he enjoyed tearing down much more than he enjoyed building.  Luckily the builders of this tower had already left for the day.  It was only a tower for about two seconds after this picture was taken.

Then, it became rubble.

I loved watching Langston play along side his big brother and sister.  I remember playing with something like this as a kid.  Don’t you?

We had a great time during the couple of hours we were there.  It was a little bit of a haul for us to get there, but a 45 minute drive isn’t nearly as bad when there’s a two for one deal on Tuesdays, all during the summer.  I love a good deal!

I hope we get to make it back next summer.  I’m certain the kids all learned something from our adventure and I love finding good learning experiences for them when it seems like there’s nothing to do.Visit Jamie Roubinek’s profile on Pinterest.

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  1. We have a season pass here and take the twins at least once a week and they love it! It is so interesting to see what they are attracted to at each visit, because it is always something different :o) Glad you guys had fun!

  2. So glad you went and had fun! You’re clan is the perfect age, too! That pic of your little one in the water table is too cute!


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