How to Ruin Your Driving Record

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Raise your hand if you love seeing this in your rearview mirror.


Yeah, me neither.

Do you remember when I told you about my horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day?  That day resulted in a ticket from a really sweet {please note my sarcasm :)} police officer.  Not even for speeding.

I had it taken care of with defensive driving, but that meant if I get another ticket before May 15th, my defensive driving will have been a waste, that ticket will go on my record, and I’ll have to pay the full fine.

So, I’ve been on my best driving behavior.  Or so I thought.

Last week, on the way to my 25 week appointment, the one with the oh so fantastic blood draw experience, I got to have a nice chat with a police officer at the gas station.

Not because we just happened to be at the same place at the same time.  No, he parked behind me with those lovely lights on.

He said he clocked me going 13 miles over the speed limit,

on the service road,

headed straight for the gas station,

because I was literally running on fumes.

{Yes, I’m the girl who hates going to the gas station, so I try to go as long as I can without doing it.  My dad and Jeff have always hated it.} :)

I told him there was no way I was going that fast, showed him how low my gas was, and that my dad taught me the faster you go, the faster you burn gas.  Blah, blah, blah.

I was trying for anything!

I guess I was pretty adamant about it.

He went back to his vehicle but came back with a warning for my speeding.  {I could have gotten out and hugged him!}  Literally, I’ve thought about Officer Thurmond every day since then!

I’m so thankful he gave me that warning!!

I got a ticket for my insurance because I didn’t have the current one in the car.  We’ve been switching cars around, with one in the shop.  I guess the current insurance didn’t make it in to the glove box.

No big deal.  I’d just get it dismissed when I go to the municipal court and show them my insurance,

which I did today.

As I was leaving the municipal court, I got on the highway and headed to run an errand before it was time to pick up Langston from Mother’s Day Out.

Just as I was getting on the highway, I looked in my rearview mirror, and there were those dang flashing lights again.

Y’all, I swear, I normally never get pulled over.  I used to get tickets all of the time when I was younger, but now I very rarely do!

I took the next exit and pulled in to the Costco parking lot, looking for an empty space to pull over.  Wouldn’t you know, the parking lot was packed with people and I was driving around the whole place looking for somewhere to pull over, with a police officer trailing me, with his lights on.  It was awesome.

I finally found an empty area and pulled over.

The officer walked up to my car and guess who it was?!

Yep, Officer Thurmond!

What are the odds of that?!

We both laughed.

He told me I was speeding again.

I argued and said I was getting on the highway!

He told me he clocked me on the service road.

Oh, whatever.

I was ready to give up at that point and basically just handed him my license and insurance, fully expecting a ticket.  I think I pretty much deserved one after all that. {I still really don’t think I was speeding, but oh well.}

He wasn’t gone for long and came back with a very short piece of paper.

It was another warning!!

Yes, I know, I’m ridiculously lucky today.

And that probably means tomorrow will be an awful day! :)

The best part about it all was Officer Thurmond, whose first name is Ben, and I chatted it up for the next 10-15 minutes!

I learned all about his family, his adopted daughter, and their desire to adopt a son.  He told me about remodeling their house and I found out he lives a few streets over from my brother!

I’ve never ever in my life had a chat about life with a police officer who was pulling me over for “speeding!”

First time for everything, but that was pretty awesome!

When Officer Thurmond walked back to his car I said, “I really hope I don’t see you again.”

He said with a smile, “Oh, something tells me you probably will.” Ha!  I hope he’s wrong.

Those two potential tickets could have royally screwed up my driving record and I can gua-ran-TEE I would not be Jeff’s favorite person for a while.

Have you ever had luck with getting out of a ticket?  I’d love to hear how you did it!  


So very ironically, I’m guest posting about slowing it down over on my friend Erin’s blog today, while she’s on maternity leave.  Go check it out!Visit Jamie Roubinek’s profile on Pinterest.

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  1. Hilarious! That is so ironic! I once got pulled over for speeding in Plano with no drivers license and no insurance in the car. We were looking for Pump it Up. I think he did not want to go through the trouble to hall me and my two year old off to jail so he just let me know. Not even a warning! I got a real ticket a few weeks later to even the score though!
    Jennifer Thomas´s last blog post ..More Fun with Buttons!

    • Jamie
      Twitter: Jmroubinek

      I’m sure I’ll get my payback, too! That’s pretty awesome that they let you go with nothing when you didn’t have license or insurance!

  2. Mollie Romness says:

    Wow, that is very lucky!! Give me your secrets :)

    • Jamie
      Twitter: Jmroubinek

      I wish I could say I had secrets, but I’m completely sure it was just pure luck. :) I’m sure I won’t be so lucky next time!

  3. This is a G rated blog right? Okay, nevermind!!! :) J/K
    Sarah´s last blog post ..Camera Bandit

  4. Jana
    Twitter: giggleglitzglam

    The only time I’ve ever gotten away with it was when I got pulled over driving back to school after a holiday weekend. I literally got lost in the sunset because it was so gorgeous and that’s what I told the officer. He looked at the sunset and said, “you’re right, i’ll let you go on this one. But so you know as soon as the sun starts setting you have to follow the nighttime speed limit.”
    Jana´s last blog post ..Adjusting

  5. Your luck latley sounds similar to mine. It seems like everything is going slowly down the drains, but none of that matters compared to the love with your children. They are really all that matters to me, as I’m sure to you too! Here’s to better luck for you :)

    • Jamie
      Twitter: Jmroubinek

      You’re so right! Nothing really matters as much as those little people! It was actually a pretty lucky day, though. I’m hoping I don’t have bad luck next time, because of it. :)

  6. Ok I got one for you. Rena and I had gone to Galveston with my two boys to visit Bobby while he was working out of town there. We were kn our way home and I was driving about 80 in a 65. I got pulled over and when the cop asked why I was going so fast Dena said she had diarhea and that she told me I needed to hurry or she wasn’t going to make it. He lectured us for a minute but ultimately let us go with a warning! We had to drive to the next exit with him on our tail and stop at a gas station to follow through with our story! Crazy!! Lol

    • Jamie
      Twitter: Jmroubinek

      OK, Allison, you win!! That’s hysterical! I’ve heard about people using that excuse before but I don’t know that I could ever be brave enough.

  7. Tracy Carvalho says:

    Too funny! I’ve been meaning to let you know that I think about you EVERY day when I’m out running errands with Emma. Before I close the door I always check to see if I have my keys in my hand or my pocket because I DON’T want to be like Jamie!!! Haha!! : )

  8. What a lucky Chicky!!!! I don’t know, I’m so terrified of our super speeder laws that I don’t go above 4 miles over. I’m the annoying driver and I know it, but seriously – we have one speeder in the family (hubby) there is no way I could do it too.
    Stephanie @ Our Marriage Adventure´s last blog post ..Baby Bucket List.

  9. Jamie! lol, you are having too many posts about cops/firemen! Glad you didn’t get a ticket though. A few years ago (when I was still working at Caleb’s office), I took an exit in Plano, off of 75, and got pulled over going 58 in a 40! I thought the 3-lane service road speed limit was 55 (I mean, even in VA single lane service roads are 55), but it was actually only 40. Anyways, turns out, the cop was a patient of Caleb’s and he knew me, too, so let me off with only a warning. I’ve probably had only 5 tickets or less in my 12 years of driving….and now I’ll probably get one tomorrow. =)

  10. Sheila
    Twitter: hey_sheila

    I have gotten pulled over many times and have gotten a few tickets. One time I got pulled over on the way to work, the officer said he ran my plates and it came back with ‘driver has an expired license’. Luckily he was in a good mood and sent me on my way with a warning to get it renewed right away. I got to work and then left imeditely to the DOL where I was greated with an hour and a half wait and a bad hair day. Needless to say it was a terrible picture, but a great remimder to stay current.
    Sheila´s last blog post ..And then this happened :: Jenny Lawson

  11. Carrie
    Twitter: ASassyRedhead

    No. Never. I smile. Flirt. Giggle. Nothing.

    I get the ticket.

    As a matter of fact…my last ticket I got was on CHRISTMAS EVE. Yes. I left work early and was headed to my parents place. Just got on the freeway and there’s the lights.

    I pull over…and guess what the ticket was for?

    Not using my blinker when changing lanes.

    I know.

    I was livid. He was not too friendly and had no kindness about him. Maybe because it was Christmas Eve and he was having to work. But big hairy deal. He knew those hours when he went to the police academy, right?

    Now I’m ticked again.

    Carrie´s last blog post ..Steer clear of sky-high bookcases and ass-breathers. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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