Just Another Reason I Love This State

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There are a million reasons why I love Texas.

“Bluebonnets” hits near the top of my list.

I love that every Spring, we get such a beautiful picture backdrop in so many Texas fields.

Now that I have kids, it’s even more special to me.

However, taking pictures of kids in the bluebonnets is tough business.  We definitely did not get the perfectly posed picture with everyone smiling at the camera, that’s for sure.

I’m starting to think those are not my favorite pictures, anyway.

Couldn’t forget baby girl. :)

I’m so thankful my mom loves bluebonnet pictures as much as I do, and she loves my boys almost as much as I do, too. :)

We made quite a hike to take these pictures because normally, this spot just doesn’t comare to any other spot I’ve seen.  Last year, I was blown away at the sight of field after field full of bluebonnets.

This year, I was regretting making the 45 minute drive to The Denison Dam at Lake Texoma.  The bluebonnet showing was a little disappointing.  I wonder why.

Nevertheless, I will look back on these pictures and probably not remember that there could have been more flowers in the pictures, but I will look at the laughter on our faces and cherish seeing the boys with their Mimi.

My gosh, it’s great to live in Texas!Visit Jamie Roubinek’s profile on Pinterest.

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  1. I love pictures that are natural and not posed! They tell a story. My favorite? You and the boys where one o them has their back turned and the other is laughing. Great shots!
    Life As Wife´s last blog post ..Stomach Bugs to Swimming Pools

  2. Jamie
    Twitter: Jmroubinek

    Thanks, girl! I think the natural pictures are my favorites, too! It’s so hard to let go of that control, though. Just hope for the best. :)

  3. Carrie
    Twitter: ASassyRedhead

    This is great! And I so agree with what you say about living in Texas…we’ve got it pretty darn good.

    No offense here, but OH MY GOSH YOU ARE SHOWING!!

    It seems like you JUST told us you were expecting, then JUST told us it was a girl! You look fantastic, too.

    Wow…things are just moving right along! YAY!
    Carrie´s last blog post ..I’ve apparently been really busy doing a lot of nothing this week. What a shock.

  4. These are great, Jamie! I intended to do blue bonnet pictures this week, but Hudson had a BAD week of teething (4 day fever and more). We plan to go to the Dam as well, so hopefully we get a chance next week.

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