Moving Right Along

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This pregnancy is moving right along pretty quickly.  It’s actually starting to make me nervous how fast the time is going by.  We’ve definitely grown since the last time I shared the belly update, at 20 weeks.

It seems like everytime I look at the calendar, I’m adding another week to my pregnancy. sends me an email every week telling me what’s new for the week in my pregnancy and according to them, my uterus is the size of a soccer ball.  Nice.

To answer a few questions I get from friends:

How am I feeling?  I actually feel great!  I think my body just handles pregnancy well.  So far.  I can still chase after the boys and since they think it’s funny to run from me, I’m running short sprints on an almost daily basis. Hey, it’s exercise, right?  :)

Do we have a name?  No, no first name yet.  We’ve only touched on the subject a couple of times and we haven’t found one we can both agree on.  Honestly, we haven’t made it a priority.  Langston and Riverson were both named just a couple of weeks before they were born.  Riverson’s middle name {Pierce} wasn’t decided on until right after he was born.  We’re procrastinators, I guess, when it comes to the “name” department.

However, her middle name was decided a LONG time ago.  Growing up, I always said if I had a little girl, I would give her my middle name, Marie.  It’s also my mom’s middle name and that makes it even more special to me.  Jeff knew it was a non-negotiable.  We didn’t even discuss it.  He just knew. :)

Do the boys know/get it yet?  No.  I tell Langston all of the time, especially when he’s banging on my belly with his hands, that there’s a baby in there.  He just laughs at me.

Feeling movements?  Oh yeah!  I’ve started to become more aware of the hiccups, which are frequent.  My belly is also starting to jump at night, with her kicks.  It’s fun to watch.

Whenever I mention my due date {August 1st} to someone, they always say, “Oh man, you have to go through the summer.”  I actually think I’d rather be pregnant in the summer and looking large on purpose instead of having to worry about looking cute/sucking in in my bathing suit.  We’ll be spending most of our time in the pool anyway, but if she was due before the summer, I probably wouldn’t have her out in the heat much, anyway.  Not to mention, I had Langston at the beginning of the summer, and I had no desire to put my post-baby body in a bathing suit that summer.

I’m good with this due date.

Of course, now that I say this, I will probably be absolutely miserable all summer. :)

"Here's looking at you, kid"

I’ll give you another belly update next month, but for now, everything is great!Visit Jamie Roubinek’s profile on Pinterest.

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  1. You’re looking fabulous!! And it’s soooo fun to feel the baby move :) I’m at 28 weeks and I’d like to pause this pregnancy so I can tackle my to-do list… time really does fly by!!

    • Jamie
      Twitter: Jmroubinek

      Yes, tackling the to-do list is among my reasons for wanting things to slow down, too. You are looking fabulous, too!!!

  2. Love that sweet girl already…she’s so cute in nautical stripes :) What a diva!
    Katie Dotson´s last blog post ..Easter 2012: Part 2

  3. You look FABULOUS!! My daughter’s due date was July 1st (and she was born August 4th!) and I loved the timing in the seasons too:)
    Shannon´s last blog post ..Are you Crafty? Link up your blog post Wednesday!

    • Jamie
      Twitter: Jmroubinek

      Thanks Shannon! I’m going to guess that you meant she was due August 1st or that you had her on July 4th. I HOPE??? I would hate to think you went one month past your due date!! :)

  4. Jana
    Twitter: giggleglitzglam

    Good point on the bathing suit pregnant vs flabby post baby belly. I’m 4 months post baby & dreading the swimsuit. Kind of wish I was pregnant again so I’d have some excuse to look “big”. There are both perks & downfalls to being pregnant in the summer!! :)
    Jana´s last blog post ..Blog Relaunch Giveaway #4

  5. You’re looking fantastic! I too wouldn’t mind a preggo belly in the summer – I wouldn’t have to worry about my conscious in a bathing suit.
    Life As Wife´s last blog post ..One Just Like Him

  6. You look so gorgeous and happy. I’m so happy for you!
    Jennifer Neal´s last blog post ..There Aren’t Enough Adjectives

  7. Teresa
    Twitter: TeresaThinks

    I am a week behind you. Until recently, I could almost forget I was pregnant, but the baby kicks are strong now. I’m not scared to carry in the summer either. Everyone says the same thing to me. We shall see!

  8. Jamie
    Twitter: Jmroubinek

    We’ll be fine, right?!? Isn’t it crazy how each pregnancy goes by faster and faster. I think it’s because we are not sitting and counting the days like we were the first time around. :)

  9. Nikki
    Twitter: nikkib918

    You are such a cute little glowing pregnant lady!

  10. Carrie
    Twitter: ASassyRedhead

    Well, you look fabulous and I’m thrilled you’re doing the pics. Though I will say it seems like you JUST announced this!

    Marie is a family name in my family. I’ve always thought it was so feminine and dainty. Can’t wait to hear what ya’ll decide on!
    Carrie´s last blog post ..Don’t assume I get high because I have a heavy twang.

  11. Ashley
    Twitter: DomesticMamaAsh

    You look fabulous :)
    Ashley´s last blog post ..Drink your wine first !

  12. Pregnant with #2 right now – and I am so surprised how fast it is going. You look great… and my daughter does the same thing when I tell her there is a baby in my tummy. She laughs like I am a crazy funny person.
    Nessa´s last blog post ..Crave

  13. You look so great! So cute!! :)
    Erin´s last blog post ..{{From the Archives}} Zuppa Toscana Recipe

  14. Well I admit my first thought was “Ugh summer heat” but I do get the whole looking belly big on purpose rather than feeling the need to suck it in. But I also say that knowing I spend 90% of my summer in business suits so the concept of a belly + business suit + GA heat / humidity would make me sob. You look gorgeous though!
    Stephanie @ Our Marriage Adventure´s last blog post ..Baby Bucket List.

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