Now, I’ve Really Scarred Him

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Remember when I told you about my horrible day at the mall where I accidentally locked my baby in the car?

Oh, and then was told by the police officer, before he gave me a ticket, that the fire department would have open my locked car door for me.

Rememeber that?

Well, he was wrong.

I know this because I locked Riverson in the car, again.

Yes, again.

It’s embarrassing to admit, but I’m sure I’m not the first mom who did this twice in such a short amount of time.  And, if I am, then maybe my story will help others be more careful.

Or, carry a spare key, or 5, somewhere on you.

The boys and I went shopping to get a few things at Target right after getting Riverson’s cute haircut.

I'm still loving his new hair

As I was getting Riverson into his car seat, he grabbed my keys from my hand.  He got the key fob in his hands and started pushing buttons, which included the lock button.  Not realizing it, and afraid he would push the panic button and set off the alarm, I grabbed the keys from him and tossed them in to the driver seat.  Then I shut the door.

I walked around to put Langston in the car and grabbed the door handle.  I’m sure you know what happened.

Langston and I were both in short sleeves because the weather had been so nice that day.  However, we were now in the shade and the wind was pretty cold.  The temperature had dropped since we went in to Target and we were so cold standing there next to the car.

I couldn’t just leave and walk in to the store, so we stood there.  I wrapped Langston up in my arms as tight as I could and we stood next to the car, watching Riverson cry.  We were a sad sight, I’m sure, and all the while, I’m feeling like the biggest idiot on the planet.

Who locks their kid in the car twice?!?!  Oh that’s right, I do.

Fortunately my cell phone wasn’t dead this time.  I got Jeff on the phone and we both remembered that the fire department would open the door if there was a baby in the car.  Or, so the nice policeman said.

I would normally never want to bring that kind of attention to us and knew there were many other more important things the firemen could be doing.  BUT, Langston was sick, we were so cold, and I didn’t know how else to get my baby out.

This sweet girl saw how cold Langston and I were and gave us her jacket to wrap up in.  I’m still so thankful for her.

The firetruck came and the guys said all they could do was break a window.  They don’t even have the tools anymore to open the door.

Obviously, we didn’t want the window broken, so I was ready to send them on and decided we could just wait longer for Jeff to be able to get a tool and come rescue us.

The firemen were not comfortable leaving us and one of them even told me he would feel much better if Langston and I got in to the firetruck and he stood next to our car with Riverson.

So that’s what we did.

Langston wasn’t even excited about it because he felt so bad.

Jeff got there as quick as he could and had the tool to unlock the door.

Thank goodness.

I’m so appreciative of those firemen.  Even though they couldn’t really do anything, the fact that they showed concern for us was enough for me. They could have easily left us there and gone on about their day, especially since I told them to.  But, they didn’t.  They stayed until they knew we were all taken care of.

Pretty awesome.

And Riverson, he was physically fine, but I’m pretty sure he’s scarred for life now.

And me, I’ll be wearing an extra car key around my neck from now on because seriously, this is ridiculous.

I think I’ll chalk this story up to my most embarrassing “mom moment” or my biggest “mom fail.”

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  1. Jessica C says:

    oh man these stories from you are always so good. I haven’t ever locked the boys in the car so far…knock on wood, but i’m sure my day will come. I always seem to lock my keys in the car so it’s just a matter of time before it’s the boys and the keys…i’m sure. At first this story made me laugh because I am sure almost every mom has had or will have this happen to her at some point in their lives. poor little riverson… at least you had some nice Firefighters to wait with you guys.

  2. Oh man. I’m so sorry. He probably won’t remember it, although your older son will. And can’t you blame hormones? 😉 Hooray for firefighters being kind. You should get one of those magnet key holders to keep in the wheel well.
    nicole´s last blog post ..My Legs Are My Favorite

  3. Carrie
    Twitter: ASassyRedhead

    OK…firemen just got way hotter than they already were in my mind.

    Way, way hotter.

    Here in Austin, Yellow Cab will do it for some bucks. Next time (not that I’m at all thinking there might be a next time…ehem), call you local cab company and see if they do it.

    And that little dude sporting that little man haircut sitting in his Target buggy is awesomely cute.

    Sure hope that other little cutie of yours gets to feeling better…sweet baby.
    Carrie´s last blog post ..A Butt-cut and a Watusi. And I don’t even know what a watusi is.

  4. Elizabeth McFall says:

    It happens to all of us at one point or another Jamie, it did to me when mine were little. Most wrecker places will do it for you for a fee. Our cell phone service is through Sprint and they offer roadside service for just $4 a month. If you have a child locked in the car, they will give you faster service. Check with your insurance company, too. A lot of the time, they offer a roadside service for a small fee.
    It won’t scar him for life!

  5. You poor dear! I’m sorry, but I cannot help but chuckle and praise the Lord is wasn’t me! It is so wonderful that the firemen stayed. I wonder if it is a “southern” thing-people from the south tend to be “nicer”. Oh well, glad it all turned out okay.

    Visiting you from The Motherhood and cannot wait to read future posts. :)


  6. *Hugs*. What a day. I am glad that they cared and you got it taken care of. I am sure you are not the only person this has happened to.

  7. Strange that the firemen couldn’t help. I locked my keys in the car last summer at a library in Plano. (Her door was normally always unlocked but she’d been playing with it & locked it). Thankfully I did have my cell, she was asleep & I was parked in the shade but it was close to 90 or so. I called 911 & was surprised to see the fire dept pull up within less than 2 minutes. They got the door open very quickly & Paige woke up just in time to see them pulling away. Maybe it depends what city you are in whether they have the right tools or not.

    • Jamie
      Twitter: Jmroubinek

      Gosh, maybe if I had been 1 mile further north, I could have just had the Plano Fire Dept open the door for me. I’m glad to know not all fire departments can’t open the door to your child locked in the car. And, I’m glad to know there are other people who have done the same thing. Thanks so much for sharing your story with me. :)

  8. This post was recommended on the bottom of another post of yours reading, and I had to read it. Oh my gosh, that’s so scary!!! Firemen are awesome and I know you’re a good mother, but it’s nice to know that other moms have imperfect moments, too! :) This is one of my worst fears!
    Gena´s last blog post ..Easy Oven S’mores

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