We May Be Friends After All

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I’ve been feeling kind of empowered since yesterday afternoon.

There’s been a bully in my house for the past three years and yesterday, I OWNED it!

Meet the bully.

See, I’ve always wanted to sew and admired my friends who could create the cute little clothes or projects with their sewing machine.  Well, I’ve always had this guy standing in my way.  I couldn’t figure him out and every time, after about an hour of frustration, he usually found his way back in his home where he has stayed for the past three years.  Literally y’all, I had to watch a You Tube video just to thread the dang thing.  Every. Time.

My mom is also a great seamstress and when I was a baby, she would sew all of my clothes.  I also remember when I was in high school, she created new bedding, valances, and table covers for me with her sewing machine.  She bought me the sewing machine in hopes that I would follow in her footsteps.

I’m not yet, but I took a huge baby step yesterday.

I found this pin on pinterest that led me to all kinds of sewing projects for the home.

There were a LOT to pick from but I saw something I might be able to accomplish and it would actually fill a need in our home.

We needed a grocery bag holder and I thought her idea was just too cute.  So, I decided to tackle her tutorial and it was great!

I realized that those straight stitches are pretty easy and it didn’t take me too long to put my 9 strips of fabric together.

I only had one pretty big mistake.  I sewed one piece of fabric on backwards.  Oops!  Good thing I had this guy handy.  He was pretty much my best friend yesterday.

Yes, that’s a seam ripper and a few months ago, I couldn’t have even told you what that was.  Now, we’re buds.

After spending a ridiculous amount of time getting the elastic in like it should be, I finally had a finished product and man was I proud.

Now, I can get rid of the worthless plastic bag holder that was supposed to stick to the wall but never actually did.  It’s definitely been replaced!

I was so impressed with how easy her tutorial was to follow, even for someone who’s never really sewn before.  I will say that as an added tip, it’s good to put a safety pin on the end of the elastic as you thread it through.  Then sew one end on before you pull the safety pin out of the other end.  I had to do this over several times.  Not fun!

If I was to do it again, I might take out two pieces of fabric to make it a little shorter.  We don’t normally have that many bags in our house at one time.

I’m on the hunt for my next project.  Now that my sewing machine and I are friends, I see some fun creations in our future!

Do you know of a great sewing website I should know about?  I’d love to hear about it/them!


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  1. Girl, so proud! Lol. I have tried my hand at sewing various things over the years, and the sewing machine ALWAYS wins. I seriously WANT to be able to sew things, I just don’t have the patience. And apparently, I have a lead foot because it always gets away from me and my stitches aren’t straight and oh, man… it’s so frustrating. Maybe there’s hope for me yet, though…
    Jade Clark´s last blog post ..Seven Lies About Homeschoolers (Hilarious!)

  2. Carrie
    Twitter: ASassyRedhead

    That is fabulous!! You did a fantastic job!

    My sister took a sewing class one summer when we were in high school. I mocked her, picked on her, poked fun at her for hours on end.

    Now? I’m a loser who can’t even sew on a button. AND (this is the hard part) I have to ask her to hem my slacks.

    Great job…love it!
    Carrie´s last blog post ..If it weren’t for snakes and deranged attackers I would probably be ok with being single, I think.

  3. Love the patterns that you chose! Super cute!

  4. Amy
    Twitter: AmyLNorton

    Way to go! It looks great :) My (mother-in-law’s) sewing machine and I have a love-hate relationship. I had to Google my sewing machine’s instructions to figure out how to put the bobbin in correctly. Google also let me know that if things aren’t going right, clean out the bobbin area (I used a Q-tip). Oh. Apparently it helps if you thread the machine correctly. Who knew?

    • Jamie
      Twitter: Jmroubinek

      Oh the bobbin! I hate the bobbin! It never goes in right and I can never get that thread to come up out of the hole so I can get started sewing. So frustrating! I guess I just need practice!

  5. I am so glad you commented on my blog!! This is absolutely awesome! I learned to sew when I was in 4H when I was in 2nd-6th grade and I sewed ALL the time! I even made pajamas! Then I stopped and haven’t sewn since but was recently just telling my mom she needs to freshen me up on my skills! Definitely on my to-do list! Anyway, keep up the good work!!! Love your fabric choices! New follower!

    • Jamie
      Twitter: Jmroubinek

      Thanks for following! :)

      I’m in search of my next project! Now that I know I can actually do something with my machine, I’m excited to do more. So glad you stopped by!

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