The dream of owning a home is universal every human being from all parts of the world has a goal of living in a house which they have full entitlement. The feeling of being in your house is also very fulfilling, and there is a lot of comfort and joy when you know no one will ever knock on your door demanding for rent. Despite the joy that comes with the home the process of purchasing a house can be very tiresome and at most times very expensive. Most people have at several instances had the idea of buying a home but dismissed the idea for finding its way high to afford. But the good news today is that there are several ways on how a prospective homeowner can get assisted to buy the home of their dream. Learning about the various ways on how you can make the home ownership dream a reality is the first step to getting the home. There are various websites with broad information on how you can get finances to buy a home. It is sagacious to take time and learn about the different loan rates available for a person who wants purchase a home.
Nevada is a good place to stay and most of the first time home buyers in America opt for Nevada. It is secure, and the community around this area is very receptive. Nevada boasts of good sewerage systems, and the environment is very serene. There is plenty of water in Nevada and social amenities that are ultra-modern such as movie theaters and high basketball courts. It has attracted first home buyers to this residential area. Looking for a neighborhood that has great supermarkets and excellent restaurants search no more Nevada is exactly that.
Home purchase loans in Nevada have risen in the recent past, and this has been a great relief for first time home buyers who for a long time could not afford a home in Nevada. There are some programs both on federal and state levels that have been created to assist first time home buyers. The loan application process is complicated for a new home buyer, and this has necessitated for experts, all the financial institutions offering the loans have employed experts who assist applicants to take process in the swiftest way. The experts have experience on the best customer relations practices, and this has seen more people open to the idea of taking a loan to purchase their dream home. Mortgage lenders in the Nevada area have opened wider, and they can now assist as many people as possible who are seeking ways on how they can own a home. The reason why the uptake of home ownership loans for first-time home buyer’s rose in the past years. In the year 2016, over 35000 home purchase loans were issued to applicants who successfully met the conditions laid down by the lenders. This is a significant rise of about 8.5% percent compared to the previous year. In the entire nation home purchase loans for first-time homeowners went up to 2.8million and this expected to go higher in the coming years.
Nevada has so many institutions that are offering mortgage services and loans for first-time home buyers, and the competition is to the advantage of borrowers because each institution has to offer excellent services to remain in business. This has also seen mortgage rates in the whole of Nevada drop because higher lending rates will put off potential borrowers. Mortgage brokers are also on the rise, and it is good they can help you actualize the dream of owning a home. When dealing with the dealers, one should be courteous because some of them may guide you to a program that will, in the long run, be very pricey. To be able to choose the right broker one should research on the various rates available to be in a position to choose the one that suits you and your financial capability well.
Below are some of the loans highly issued to Nevadans who own a home for the first time.
Nevada FHA Loan
This loan program is very typical for first-time home buyers, but you don’t necessarily need to be a first-time homeowner to apply for the loan. The loan has a very low down payment option of 3.5% this makes it the best for a first-time home buyer.
Nevada USDA Loan
The credit has been applied by so many people in Nevada for a long time than the FHA loan. It is available to borrowers with low to very low income and does not have a home anywhere. The Loan program offers low-interest rates loans to people who want to purchase a home in a community that has 20000 residents or even less. It’s ideal for a buyer who intends to buy a house outside the city.
Nevada First-Time Homebuyer Grants
To know whether you qualify for this loan program you will have to check state programs regularly. If you are eligible for this loan program, you will be very lucky because you will be able to get up to $20000 in down payment
With these great home purchasing programs for first-time home buyers, you have no reason to continue living in a rented house. It’s now your time to buy a home and enjoy living in Nevada.


The US has a high number of people who buy homes. In the year 2015, over 5.2 million homes were sold according to National Association of Realtors. The high sales rate is due to many licensed real estate sales agents; data from Association of Real Estate License Law Officials shows that there are nearly 2 million such licenses that are active.

The US, real estate market, is growing and the Las Vegas Home with Three Elevators and Views of the Strip is one product that is worth taking a walk in. The home is in Las Vegas, Nevada and goes for $30 million. You want to know more about this home. Stay tuned as we move through the corridors and stairs of this fabulous home.

The Las Vegas house is a reality, taking a view from the hillside makes it look like fiction. Here is a six-level home located within the natural beauty of hills and ridges and in a luxurious Las Vegas community. The basketball court with separate male and female bathrooms shows how things are well organized here. Your home office is as good as your office away from home; the glass-walled room makes you forget all the day stress and hustles when you settle down to work from home.

You will get the modern look from every corner of this home. The experience here is fantastic, from the outdoor swimming pool to piano room to an entertainment space complete with a high-quality sound system and the bedrooms. The home has several places that can serve as viewpoints to the great Las Vegas Strip and the Red Rock Canyon National Area. The home is on a 23, 748 square feet piece of land and five bedrooms with 13 bathrooms.


The kitchen decks are full of stainless steel appliances, Lumix quartzite countertops, and custom cabinetry done in Artesia Las Vegas. The second kitchen is also well-equipped and ideal for large events catering.
The rooftop patio, which is 4,888 square feet, gives you a clear view of the surrounding, and it also has its kitchen with several grills, several fire pits, hot tub, and overhead climate control. There is also a complete sound system with a movie projector; this is exclusive from the home theater which is inside the house.

There are also three commercial elevators, which serve the building from different corners. The eight-car garage space is enough to take care of all your automobiles.

The SkySide has lots of facilities spread across the two basement floors. Here you will get a fitness center, half-basketball court, massage area, and salon. The lowest level has air- conditioned dog run, maid’s quarters, wine and bar cellar, and a music studio which is sound-proof.

The 973 square meters outdoor space is enough for you to walk around and chat with your visitors. The design of the house is to meet the needs of the client and provide more than what is currently on the market.


You do not want to spend millions of dollars in a home that is in a questionable neighborhood. The home is in the Summerlin community neighborhood; this is a place where everyone enjoys security to the maximum. Each home has its gate to ensure that people here are safe. The home overlooks the Red Rock Conservation Area, and the Las Vegas Strip, the Red Rock Country Club Golf Course is within reach.

Design Pedigree

The home was built by Sunwest Custom Homes and was completed in the early months of 2016. They didn’t spare any expense but put in all the things that were required to have a fantastic home. The finishing of the home shows all about how professional the builders were; the chrome hardware and the piano finish on the doors are excellent. Custom tile work done by Ann Sacks and white Thassos marbles in every corner of the house makes up the fantastic floor of this home. The general interior design and furniture are worth millions of dollars; the buyer will have to add some dollars to get the furniture. The design of this house does not give you room to doubt anything about the professionalism of the designer.

The value of homes in the US is increasing day after day, but not all houses, which are priced high, are worth the value.Some are exaggerated. Las Vegas has luxurious neighborhoods with wonderful homes; Summerlin community is one good example. The Las Vegas home with three elevators and views of the strip is a modern home with all the facilities that you need. It stands on a 23,748 square feet piece of land has five bedrooms, three commercial elevators, and a basketball court among other impressive amenities. The home is priced at $30 million, but the buyer will pay for the furniture separately.