Entertaining Teenagers With Walmart’s Stock and Save Event

With warmer weather in our forecast these days, our big and inviting pool is starting to heat up and for our family it can’t happen soon enough! We can’t wait to spend our days in the backyard with fun family time.

I should also point out that we have two teenagers in our family. Do you know who teenagers love most? Their friends. It stings a little, but we’ve come to accept it and their friends. We actually love their friends and it’s a good thing because one or more are always at our house.

You can imagine what our backyard will more than likely look like this summer. I’m guessing the pool will have a teenager or 10 in it on any given day. I’m ok with that but those kids have to eat and I have to put my house cleaning mojo in overdrive, which is super hard because I hate cleaning house. :)

This past weekend, our 16 year old asked if she could invite a few friends over. It makes us happy that she would rather bring friends in to our home instead of finding somewhere else to go. Let’s be honest, we like to be able to keep an eye on what she’s doing. ;) But, we also like her friends, and so do our little ones, so we were all for it. The only problem was I knew we needed to stock up on a few things for the house. 

Thanks to a Walmart gift card provided by P&G, I was able to do a little shopping during Walmart’s Stock and Save event which lasts until April 30th. We obviously needed food, but there were a few P&G items on my list for this crew, as well. 


I needed paper towels because we can honestly never have enough and they make perfect napkins for a crowd. The toilet paper is another item we can never have enough of! We’re a family of seven, but when you add in 5 or more people, toilet paper can go fast. And, the Tide? Well, I’m sure you can guess I’m constantly doing laundry and when people are swimming, there are more towels to be washed. 

The kids had a great time and although we still have teaching to do about cleaning up after your friends, ;) we had a great time, too!


So what’s in it for you?

I have a $25 Walmart gift card to give away to one of you!

You may be interested in purchasing your favorite P&G products that are part of the Stock and Save event at Walmart. Items included are:

  • Tide Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Tide Simply Clean and Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent
  • Charmin Ultra Soft or Ultra Strong Toilet Paper
  • Bounty Mega Roll Select-A-Size Paper Towels
  • Luvs Super Absorbent Diapers
  • Pampers Swaddlers Huge Pack
  • Tampax Pearl Plastic, Super Absorbency
  • Always Ultra Thin Long Super Unscented Pads
  • Always Discreet Maximum Underwear
  • Always Discreet Moderate Regular Length Pads

All you have to do is use the form below to enter. 

$25 Walmart gift card giveaway

The Walmart gift cards and information have been provided by P&G.

Honoring Those Who Keep Us Safe

Other than a grandfather who passed away when I was young and my husband’s World War II veteran grandfather, my experience with the military has been very limited. Well, until about a year ago. We have family members with season tickets for the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers. They’ve always been very generous with their tickets and give them away most of the time. 

Last year, they decided to change it up a little and bought a suite at Globe Life Park where our beloved Texas Rangers play. Only, they didn’t really want it to be used for themselves. They wanted to use it as a gift to veterans, active duty military, first responders, and their families. My mom had the pleasure of being the suite hostess, which meant arranging all of the guests of the suite and attending all of the home games. That also meant that anytime she was unable to attend the game, I was able to go in her place. The suite owners, who we refer to as the donors, because they are the most giving people you might ever know, wish to remain anonymous. How cool is that?!

We saw dozens and dozens of military families throughout the season and fell in love with so many of them. 

Rangers Military Veterans

We loved hearing their stories of their time in the military and learning more about them. It was an honor to be able to be a part of this gift for them – a carefree night at the ballpark. 

Rangers Military Veterans

After everything they’ve given to our country, it has been so special to see them appreciated in this manner. 

The end of baseball season also meant the beginning of football season and more military gifts. As much as we loved being part of the nights at the ballpark, I specifically remember how special it was to be a part of a donation to four active duty Marines last November. 

My kids and I met them at a local mall, inside a limo office, where they were set to leave from, in a limo, headed to Cowboys Stadium. They were so excited to spend a night cheering on our Dallas Cowboys, but there was an even bigger surprise in store for them. I had the honor of handing them each an envelope from the same donors who were sending them off to the game. The had no idea what was inside but I asked them to open the envelopes for pure selfish reasons. I knew what was inside of the envelopes and I wanted to see their faces. Their looks were priceless! Inside each envelope was enough money for them to spend at the ballpark and then some! 

Active Duty Marines

Watching them drive off to the game, knowing they were happy and excited for the night they had in store for them warmed my heart. It reminded me of how deserving they were for everything they have given our country. I was just so thankful I had a VERY small part in making it happen. 

I’m glad there are people out there like these anonymous donors who also appreciate these men for the sacrifices they make and it only encourages me more to take part in that appreciation in any way I can. 

Direct Energy Rates for Active Military & Veterans

Direct Energy is committed to giving back to those who have given so much to our country, as well, and that’s why they have recently launched the military portal, which is a dedicated space where you, as military personnel, can find discounted energy rates for their your energy needs.

Also, once you are a Direct Energy Customer, you’ll have access to their on time bill payments rewards program, Refer-a-Friend Program, easy, on the go Online Account Manager and more!

To be eligible for the discounted military rates, all you have to do is enter your valid ID into their portal. Once it verifies, you will be automatically directed to a dedicated military plans page, where you’ll see plans available in your area.

It’s so nice to see companies like this who want to make a difference in the lives of our military!

I’m always looking for new ideas in how to help military personnel in my community. Maybe you have one I haven’t heard. If so, I can’t wait to hear!


All Day Comfort with NEW Huggies® Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Huggies®. All opinions are 100% mine.

From the day my babies were born, I knew it was job to comfort and protect them. When my babies cried, I swooped in to make them feel better and remind them I was there to comfort and make them feel safe again. Truth be told, I enjoyed being that person.

My youngest baby is two, so I’m not necessarily swooping in to cradle her anymore, but this girl LOVES the power of a hug.  

In spite of my best efforts, I can’t comfort them in every way possible. I can’t protect them from everything and I have to rely on other things to help me. For instance, diapers. I’ve been changing diapers for the last 6 years and they still remain one of the best ways to keep my kids protected and comforted.

I was so excited to hear of the NEW Huggies® Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers. Ultra Protection and Ultra Value, available only at Walmart.


WIth their unique quilted liner, they can locks away wetness better than regular HUGGIES® Snug & Dry Diapers sizes 3-6. The best part is they have a trusted Leak Lock System with quick-absorbing layers for up to 12 hours of protection! My girl drinks a lot, so we NEED good overnight protection and so far, we haven’t had any leaks!

And, who doesn’t LOVE Disney characters scattered across a cute baby booty!?

That hug my daughter so genuinely LOVES? Well, Huggies® is helping moms harness the power of that hug to make life better today for her and her baby with the introduction of Huggies® Snug & Dry Ultra Diapers at Walmart.com.  They’re calling it an “Ultra Hug.”

I think we could all use an “Ultra Hug” every now and again. ;)

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Bacon, Mushroom & Onion Grilled Cheese

April is National Grilled Cheese month and in my kids’ minds, that’s pretty much the best month ever! They LOVE a good old fashioned grilled cheese dinner. I did when I was a kid, too, but now that I’m an adult, I like to try to find a more sophisticated version. After a little experimenting, the hubs and I fell in love with this Bacon, Mushroom & Onion Grilled Cheese!

Grilled Cheese

My kids love when they get to pick what they get to eat for dinner and most of the time it’s “kid food,” of course. They love it even more when we eat their “kid food” with them, so I knew a night of grilled cheeses would be so much fun for them. Of course, I wanted the two adults in our house to still be able to have an adult dinner. I’d say this was the best way to have the best of both worlds. 

For this grilled cheese, I used Arla Dofino Havarti Cheese. Arla Dofino offers a range of family-friendly cheese types that are free of added hormones and preservatives, and crafted with quality, natural ingredients. Creamy Havarti has a buttery and gentle, rich taste, is semisoft and has a mellow aroma.

Grilled Cheese

A great grilled cheese is hard to beat, but when you add amazing cheese, sauteed mushrooms and onions, and bacon, it’s even harder to beat!

Grilled Cheese

The best part of making this sandwich was getting to sink my teeth in to it. It’s amazing! You HAVE to try it! The adults in your home will thank you and your kids will be so excited to know you are sort of eating the same thing they are! ;)

Grilled Cheese

Bacon, Mushroom & Onion Grilled Cheese
Serves 2
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  1. 4 oz (or 4 slices) Arla Dofino Havarti Cheese
  2. 4 slices Eureka! Organic Bread
  3. 3 tbsp butter, softened
  4. 8 oz mushrooms, sliced
  5. 1 medium sized sweet onion, sliced
  6. 6 slices of crispy bacon, diced
  1. 1. On stovetop, melt one tbsp of butter in large saucepan.
  2. 2. Add onion and mushroom to melted butter and sauté until browned.
  3. 3. Butter one side of each slice of bread.
  4. 4. Add one slice of bread, butter side down, to a skillet over medium heat.
  5. 5. Top with cheese, sautéed mushrooms and onions, bacon, and another slice of bread, butter side up.
  6. 6. Allow to cook until bread is golden.
  7. 7. Flip and allow to cook until each slice of bread is toasted and cheese is melted.
Roubinek Reality http://www.roubinek.net/

#GooeyGoodness Twitter Party



If you like grilled cheese as much as we do, join me Wednesday, April 8th, 8-9 PM EST on Twitter for a Twitter party!

We will be sharing grilled cheese recipes and tips for making the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. Plus, there will be fun prizes!

  • You could win one of two Ultimate Grilled Cheese Prize Packs (valued at more than $1,000), consisting of:
    • Le Crueset® sandwich press
    • Le Crueset® serving tray
    • Le Crueset® plates (set of 4)
    • Crate & Barrel OXO® fish spatula
    • Anthropologie apron
    • A year’s worth of Arla Dofino cheese & Eureka! Organic Bread
  • Or you could win one of two secondary prize packs, consisting of:
    • A year’s worth of Arla Dofino cheese & Eureka! Organic Bread

To join the Twitter Party:

  • Log into Twitter on Wednesday, April 8 from 8-9pm EST.
  • Follow @ArlaDofino, @TwoPeasandPod and @FoodieCrush.
  • Search for the hashtag #GooeyGoodness.
  • Join the conversation! Tweet using #GooeyGoodness so others can see them.

Easy Turkey & Bacon Sandwich Lunch With Hillshire Farm Naturals

#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Hillshire. This could include Hillshire providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

My kids are think they could live off of bread and occasionally like it topped with peanut butter and jelly. As a matter of fact, they eat that most days for lunch. We eat together and although I try to limit my bread consumption and usually go for a salad, sometimes it’s easier to just whip up a sandwich. Not to mention, they always LOVE when I’m eating something just like them.

But who says a sandwich has to be boring? I mean, if I’m going to go for the bread and have a sandwich with them, I might as well make it interesting.
hillshire farm naturals

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Baked Penne with Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil

If it were up to my kids, they would eat fish sticks, hot dogs, or some type of “kid food” every single dinner meal. When life gets in the way and I’m in a hurry to get food on the table, I’m ok with it. But the cook inside of me always wants more, so I try to find recipes I know they will love. I’ve found baked penne to be a winning meal anytime I’ve made it but I wanted to add a little something more to it.

With the addition of Mezzetta’s Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Everything Spread, I was able to make a fun and flavorful change to a recipe my kids are always happy to see on the table.
Baked Penne with Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil

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Spruce Up Your Kids’ Spring Wardrobe at OshKosh B’Gosh + Coupon

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for OshKosh B’Gosh. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

I love getting the opportunity to do a little shopping for my kids. New clothes are fun for anyone and I’m a sucker for cute kids in cute clothes! I try to keep our clothing budget in tact every month and it’s a good thing because I could go a little crazy. There are just so many cute styles out for kids and, when the seasons change, I get excited about the new styles coming out.

Spring is probably my favorite time of year for new clothes because Easter is here and I want them each to have a cute new outfit for that weekend. But I also expect those outfits to carry over into their spring and summer wardrobes.

OshKosh Bgosh

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Behind the Scenes with Chevy at the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to spend the day with some of my local blogger friends getting behind the scenes with Chevy. We started our day at the newly renovated Fort Worth Sheraton, where a line of Chevy vehicles were waiting to take us away. Well, I thought they were going to take us away, but it turns out they were letting us get behind the wheel and not just for a lap around the block. We got to make a twenty minute drive to the General Motors Assembly Plant in Arlington. 

When I saw this beauty as a possibility to be driven, I couldn’t jump at the chance quick enough. As a mom who spends her days driving several kids around with three car seats in the back seat, “sports car” isn’t really in my vocabulary right now.

Chevy Camaro

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Graduation Gift Ideas + GIVEAWAY

I still remember the call on my 12th birthday from my oldest brother, Steve, telling me I had a brand new birthday buddy named Allie. She made me an aunt and I couldn’t have been more excited to share a birthday with that adorable little red head. It’s so hard to believe how fast the time has flown by but she’s graduating college at the end of this semester from The University of Oregon. Wow do I feel old now. 

I wanted to get some ideas from friends of mine for graduation gift ideas and I loved all of the ideas they sent my way.

Graduation Gift Ideas

1. Cash

2. Gift card tree (restaurant, gas, store gift cards)

3. Travel

4. New Linens

5. Luggage

6. Diploma Frame

7. Designer make up case or shave kit

8. Cell phone

9. Start an IRA for them

10. Anything personalized

So many great ideas! I loved all of my graduation gifts and of course remember most fondly that my favorite gifts were cash. I do believe that every graduate loves cash. This makes me feel like such a jerk, but I have no recollection of who gave me money and how much was given. And, that’s the only reason I don’t always like to give money. Sometimes you just want to do something a little more meaningful, sentimental, and lasting. 

My second favorite idea on that list was the diploma frame. I didn’t get that for my graduation and it sat in the tube for the next 4 years until my mother-in-law took it to be framed for me. I still look at that frame and remember that she did that for me. It’s sentimental to me and shows off the years of hard work I put in to earn it. The sad part is if she hadn’t done it for me, I might not have had it done at all. But really, after all that hard work, no diploma should end up in a drawer, forgotten about, or even destroyed.

My friend told me her husband was given a diploma frame as a graduation gift and his diploma is now proudly on display in their home office. She was not given a diploma frame for graduation, or at all. Do you know where her diploma is? Still in the tube. :/

In fact, according to a recent survey by The Motherhood, 56 of respondents never framed their own diploma.

Thanks to Church Hill Classics, I had the opportunity to make sure my niece, who’s graduating from the University of Oregon at the end of this semester, will have a beautiful frame to hang her hard earned diploma in. I just love how beautiful it looks and I can’t wait to send it off to her!

Graduation Gift Ideas

Church Hill Classics is a professional framing company that helps graduates preserve and showcase those hard-earned diplomas with officially licensed frames. They offer an extensive selection of custom frame styles for more than 1,500 colleges and universities.

You can choose from frames featuring unique, color-enameled medallions of the school seal or athletic logo, beautiful campus images, foil embossing of the school name and/or seal and even an opening for a tassel. There’s something to meet everyone’s personal style!


In a recent survey conducted by The Motherhood, 98 percent of respondents who have a close relative graduating from college this year haven’t yet purchased a graduation gift for him or her.

Wouldn’t you love to have the opportunity to get one of these beautiful frames for the graduate in your life? 

Church Hill Classics is extending an offer for me to give away a diploma frame to one of you for up to $200 in value. 

All you have to do is use the form to enter below.

Church Hill Classics Diploma Frame Giveaway

Disclosure: This post is part of the blogger program by Church Hill Classics and The Motherhood, who compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own.


Color Vibe 5K with Tum-E Yummies

Disclosure: This post is sponsored. All products mentioned and reviewed are compliments of Tum-E Yummies. All opinions of the products are my own.

This past weekend we got to revisit one of our favorite things we did last year. We were given the opportunity, thanks to Tum-E Yummies, to run The Color Vibe 5K again. It comes as no surprise to me, but we loved it just as much as we did last year!

Color Vibe 5K

Last year, we loved running with our big kids,

Dallas 5K

but this year, their busy schedules didn’t allow them to run with us. So, we took the next best thing — great friends!

Kelly, my college roommate, and her husband, John, are also some of my Camp Gladiator bootcamp friends. We work out together, so I knew they would love doing the Color Vibe 5K.

Color Vibe 5K

I was so right! We had the best time, but a little over a year ago, I definitely would not have thought running 3 miles to get color thrown on me would be my idea of “fun.” Now, however, it most definitely is!

Color Vibe 5K

Before the race started, we made sure to get ourselves a little head start in the “color wearing” department. We got a few packs of color and just attacked each other with them. When else is it ok to do that and result with smiling faces?!?

Color Vibe 5K

Once the race got started, we ran through different color stations where several people threw colors all over us. The goal was to get as covered as possible in color.

Our favorite spot in the run was halfway into the course with this view of the football stadium for The Dallas Cowboys in the background. So pretty!

Color Vibe 5K

And once we got to the finish line, we admired how “pretty” we were! ;)

Color Vibe 5K

Then we made our way over to the Tum-E Yummies station to have some fun pictures taken. I always love gifs and this is no exception! :)

Color Vibe 5K

We had such a great time getting away from our kids for the morning and having a little adult fun where we got to feel more like kids. Those opportunities are so rare these days! I’ve never been a huge fan of running and would definitely NOT call myself a “runner” but with fun events like this, it’s easier to push myself a little more and I found myself thinking I could have run the whole race again. 

With families everywhere, the environment was so fun and it’s a race I can’t wait to run again next year! Next time, maybe we’ll even bring our little ones and see what they can do! I know they would love every second of having color thrown on them. And, if you have a child, yours would love it, too. See when a Color Vibe 5K is coming near you and make a fun morning of it!

A big thanks to Tum-E Yummies for sponsoring our run!

I can’t wait to document this event in my smashbook, too! And of course, now I’m on the hunt for the next color run!

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